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I'd love to be able to tell you that this game six disaster was out of character for our beloved Philadelphia 76ers, but I really don't want to lie to you. If this season has taught us anything it's that this immature team will take every golden opportunity and flush it right down the drain.

Much like the final seven games of the season, the Sixers failed to even show up tonight. A chance to force game seven apparently was not enough to motivate this team. It looked to me like Thad was lost on the floor, Willie and Lou were bound and determined to jack up bad shots and play zero defense, Iguodala tried to do more than he's capable of. Dalembert appeared to want it, if you can ever tell what the hell is going on inside that guy's head. The only Sixer who you can really say showed up was Andre Miller. Fitting that he's also the most-likely to be gone when this team returns next season, hoping to erase the memory of this game from our minds.

There's no use breaking down the stats, or the x's and o's. Tony DiLeo failed this team by not having them ready to play for their lives. The team failed Tony DiLeo by playing like they could care less.

Now we look forward to the #17 pick in a weak draft, then the seemingly inevitable departure of Andre Miller.

I've had thoughts percolating over the past couple of months about this offseason, over the coming days and weeks, we'll try to start looking forward. For now, lick your wounds, drink yourself to sleep, go for a run, reintroduce yourselves to your significant others. Anything to help erase the memory of the final 48 minutes of the season.

If you need to end on a positive note, I think we can put to bed the notion that this team is better without Elton Brand once and for all.

Finally, I want to give all of you guys a big round of applause. You pushed me to be more thoughtful, you made the games more enjoyable, you made this blog a worthwhile enterprise and I'm deeply indebted to each and every one of you for making this a great season. Thanks guys.

Player of The Game: Andre Miller
Season Record: 43-45
Up Next: Pick #17.
by Brian on Apr 30 2009
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