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The Allen Shot Breakdown (With Video)

After the jump we'll take a look at how Ray Allen got open to sink the Sixers hopes of winning this game.

Here's the defensive set up out of the timeout. Thad was on Allen down on the low block, near side of the court. Dalembert on Davis at the near elbow. Ivey on House far elbow. Iguodala on Pierce, far elbow. Miller on the inbounder, Rondo. About 6 feet away from him.

Ray Allen received the inbound pass from Rondo at the top of the court. He quickly got the ball to Pierce on the far side, three-point extended. Iguodala fought through an Eddie House screen on the baseline to close on Pierce and prevent the quick three.

After faking a three, Pierce drives to his left. As you can see, Thad completely abandons Allen before Davis even has a chance to set the back screen. Dalembert steps up in the middle of the lane to stop Pierce's drive, should he get past Iguodala. Ray Allen, slips right down to the corner. His hand is already up in the air calling for the ball.

Finally, you can see Thad has to fight around the screen, but the ball is already in Allen's hands in the corner. Dalembert barely gets out of the lane. According to Kate Fagen, the plan was to switch all screens, but the problem was that Thad left Allen way before the screen was even set. You had both Thad and Dalembert worried about stopping the Pierce drive, and no one paying attention to Allen. It's not Thad's responsibility to overplay like that when his man is Ray Allen. It's his job to stick with him. If he does, Davis never even gets close enough to set that screen.

That's all I can take for tonight. Just a disgusting loss.

UPDATE: Here's the video of the play.

by Brian on Feb 4 2009
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