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The Best Five

ESPN ran a half-hearted debate last week going position-by-position trying to determine who is the best in the NBA at each spot. Well, the lockout is officially killing most meaningful Sixers discussion, so why not kick around this very same topic.

May as well just kick it off with my list:

PG: Chris Paul - Rose may be a better overall player than Paul, though that's debatable, but Paul is the best point guard for my money. Great handle, awesome distributor, gets more out of his teammates than anyone else possibly could. His only drawback is on the defensive end where his size in an issue, though he uses his quickness well to hide it. If you were asking me who I wanted on my team for the next five years, it wouldn't be Paul (his injuries worry me), but if you're asking who's the best right now, it's CP3.

SG: Dwyane Wade - For my money, it's a battle between Wade and LeBron for best overall player in the league, and I give the nod to Wade. This was the second-easiest decision for me.

SF: LeBron James - Maybe Durant will overtake him at some point, but most likely this position is LeBron's until he retires.

PF: Dirk Nowitzki - Chris Palmer from ESPN the Magazine actually gave this to Blake Griffin, which is ridiculous. I'm not sure if I would've said Dirk prior to the playoffs this year, which only shows my bias because Dirk has been a machine for years. A jump-shooting PF with a 60%+ TS% is unbelievable. He chips in on the glass as well, though his defense is lacking.

C: Dwight Howard - There isn't even a runner-up in this one. Dwight is the only big man of note in the league until Andrew Bynum actually plays 2,000 healthy minutes in a season.

Those are my five, list yours in the comments.
by Brian on Aug 1 2011
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