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The Cap Situation

With a potential lockout looming, examining where the Sixers stand against the cap is a tedious thing to do. Absolutely nothing is known about how much teams will be able to spend next season, if there is a next season, but we should still take a look at the money the Sixers have committed.

Here's a quick and dirty look at how much money the Sixers will owe to the players they have under contract for 2011-2012. Thad Young and Spencer Hawes will both be restricted free agents. The numbers listed are the qualifying offers which the Sixers have extended to each player. Thad and Hawes have the option of signing the qualifying offer at any time, signing an extension with the Sixers, or signing an offer sheet with another team which the Sixers will have seven days to match, if they so choose. The Sixers can also withdraw their qualifying offers to either player prior to July 23rd, which would make the player an unrestricted free agent.

Elton Brand $17,059,728
Andre Iguodala $13,531,750
Andres Nocioni $6,650,000
Louis Williams $5,176,000
Evan Turner $4,947,840
Spencer Hawes $4,051,024*
Thaddeus Young $3,992,108*
Marreese Speights $2,721,255
Jrue Holiday $1,741,440
Craig Brackins $1,404,960
Jodie Meeks $884,293
[#16 Pick] $1,414,100

TOTAL: $63,574,498

As a point of reference, the salary cap was $58,044,000 last season and the luxury tax threshold was $70,307,000.

The total listed above assumes both Thad and Hawes sign their qualifying offers. Something that isn't likely at all with Thad. I could see Hawes rushing to sign his QO as soon as humanly possible, considering it's about four times what he's worth on the open market.

Basically, if the CBA was extended as-is, with the cap and luxury tax levels remaining as they were in 2010-2011, the Sixers would have very little room to maneuver if they wind up extending Thad. Since pretty much every expects major changes and a lower of the cap, there's sure to be almost no wiggle room if the team is intent on staying under the luxury tax. If there winds up being a hard cap put in place, the Sixers will have their hands completely tied.

Keep these numbers in mind when details about the new CBA, Thad's asking price and Hawes' qualifying offer start to trickle out through the media over the coming months. Ultimately, they're going to inform whatever Rod Thorn is or isn't able to get accomplished this summer.
by Brian on May 4 2011
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