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The Celtics Deserve Stephon Marbury

Word on the street is that if the Knicks and Stephon Marbury can agree on a buy out figure, he'll be a Boston Celtic before long. This is one of those rumors that warms my heart.

Usually, I'd say a guy like Marbury is an ideal candidate to play his ass off for a couple of months in the hope that some idiot GM out there would sign him to a deal next year when he becomes a free agent. If it were anyone but Stephon, I'd say that's exactly what will happen. The only problem with that logic concerning Starbury, is that we used the words logic and Starbury in the same sentence.

This guy is certifiably insane. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs insane. I would wish Stephon Marbury on my worst enemy, that's why I'm hoping against hope that he lands in Boston and spreads his insanity throughout that roster. I can see it now. Marbury is Garnett's boy. Garnett gets in Doc Rivers' ear, Stephon's minutes go up. Before you know it, Rondo's minutes are getting cut, Stephon is gunning from all angles. Ray Allen is pissed that he isn't getting his 6 three point attempts per game anymore and the cohesion that team has enjoyed for the past year plus gets flushed down the tubes.

What a great way to start the new year. If Marbury does sign with Boston, it'll only reaffirm what we already knew. He's a horrible GM who got lucky in the summer of '07 when an ex-Celtic decided to help out his old club.

I mean, if you watch that video and come away thinking "I'd love to have that guy on my team," there's something wrong with you. I think of Marbury as a slighty more malignant cancer than T.O., with less talent. Good luck, Boston.
by Brian on Jan 2 2009
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