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The Conference Finals

Typically, it takes me a couple of weeks after "my team's" season ends to take an interest in the sport again. Sometimes, the playoffs have already come to a conclusion by the time I tune back in. This year was no different, but I'm starting to come around. Since there's nothing new to talk about regarding the Sixers, let's spend our Monday talking about the conference finals and beyond.

The Bulls are up one-love on the Heat. Oklahoma City will travel to Dallas to kick it off out West on Tuesday. So what do you guys think? Who comes out of these two series? Who do you want to come out of them? Who are you rooting for, who are you rooting against? Who wins the title? Have at it in the comments.

I'm rooting for Chicago and Dallas. Chicago because I'd really love it if LeBron never won a title. Dallas because I don't think I could stand hearing people talk about how the Sixers need to follow the OKC model for the next year or however long the lockout lasts. The only reason the OKC model has taken them this far is because they jumped up a bunch of draft slots in the Durant draft, then lucked into getting the number 2 pick instead of the number 1 pick and taking Greg Oden. If that lottery falls any other way, and there were about 1,000,000,000 more likely outcomes, OKC is still in the cellar.

I think the finals will probably be Chicago and OKC, though, with Chicago winning it. Dallas doesn't have the defenders to handle Durant and Westbrook. I don't think Miami has the spine to win a series against a good team without home court advantage. In the finals, I think Thibs forces OKC to rely on things they really shouldn't rely on (like Westbrook 20-footers).
by Brian on May 16 2011
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