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The Doug Collins Pre-Lockout Mystery Tour

As I'm sure you've all heard by now, Doug Collins plans to crisscross the country this week to meet with his players prior to the lockout, which will probably begin at the strike of midnight, Friday. Today, let's try to figure out what he'll have to say to each of his guys.

It's a pretty simple exercise. Name the player and what Collins will tell him to focus on this summer. Have as much fun with it, or be as serious as you like. A few examples:

  • Jrue: Get stronger. We need you go to initiate contact on your drives and double your free throw rate next season.
  • Lou: Please stop putting out terrible rap videos.
  • Iguodala: I'm really sorry the organization threw you under the bus, repeatedly, but we really thought we were going to trade you. But now that the ownership group put the kibosh on that, I'm here to say you're really important to us.

You get the drift.

Also, a quick word on Vucevic (I'm thinking I'm going to use Voose as his nickname, hate typing that full name out, and I'm pretty sure Nikola is a girl's name). I checked the comments on the thread from Friday and it seems like there's a pretty heated rift among Sixers fans. The pro-Voose side of the aisle seems mostly composed of people who either (a) love slow, white centers who can't jump and/or people who are trying to talk themselves into this draft pick. The other side is people who clearly didn't want him picked and can't get over it.

I didn't want Voose for a number of reasons, foremost among them is the fact that even if he reaches his absolute ceiling and becomes the absolute best version of himself in the NBA, I don't think that's the type of player this team needs. They desperately need a big who impact the game with his athleticism, that's not Voose. I also think the odds of Voose reaching his ceiling are extremely low. Some people have said, "Look how much he improved over his three years of college!" I say it took him three years to put together halfway decent numbers as the biggest guy on the court. That's a red flag for me.

At this point, though, there's really no reason to keep rehashing this argument. I don't believe in this guy, I didn't want him, but now that he's a Sixer I'd give anything to be proven wrong. This isn't the type of thing you want to be right about when you look back on it. This isn't the type of thing where you should relish in being able to say I told you so. If Voose pans out, he can probably give the team a little more than Hawes, and a little more than Hawes is a little more than you had, so it's a good thing. There's really no point in having a heated debate about where he could've been picked, or who he compares to. He's here now, everyone's opinion is on the record, if that's really important to you, so let's move on. As for the guys who made the pick, well, I don't think they're long for this franchise anyway, so who cares.
by Brian on Jun 27 2011
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