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Two questions need to be answered about Elton Brand in the coming two weeks.

  1. Will he opt out of his current deal?
  2. Can the Sixers lure him to Philly?
A blurb from the OC Register today may shed some light on both:

As for Arenas, if he does not opt out, he is due to be paid $12,800,00 for the 2008-2009 season.

So, how would the Clippers land either one of the two? Only if Clippers forward Elton Brand opts out of his contract this summer and decides to sign with another team.

Brand would be leaving $16,440,000 on the table but likely could land at least a four-year contract in the $44-48 million range.

Brand has been quite coy on his situation and his agent, David Falk, did not have anything to say when asked about the situation last week in Boston.

However, the rumors are Brand has grown tired of losing and is not convinced that the Clippers can rebuild into a playoff-contending team, anytime soon.

If you listened to the interview Ed Stefanski did last week, this was the questions he didn't have an answer to. Why would Brand leave $16M on the table? Well, if he truly is sick of the losing environment in L.A., or if he's sick of playing second fiddle in his own town to the Lakers, or if he just wants to be part of an organization moving in the right direction, in a division where one man can make a difference, well then Philly should look pretty attractive to him right about now.

If he does opt out of the final year of his deal, the Sixers could offer him up to $11M in the first year of a long-term contract, and escalate the salary every year thereafter. (The $11M is based on Stefanski's claim of $11M in cap space).
by Brian on Jun 16 2008
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