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The preseason typically means nothing in the grand scheme of things. For the record, the Sixers are 2-1 now, with wins over Boston and Toronto, and a loss to the Knicks. It's sometimes tough to pick something to follow through the exhibition season, but that's not really the case this year.

If you want to find meaning in something, check this out. In three games so far, Thad has taken 39 shots, hit 18 of them (46%, down from where it was last year), and more importantly, he's hit 5/10 from three. There was a quote from Thad during their camp that said roughly, they told me to shoot when I'm open. He's taken it to heart.

When the Sixers made their flurry of offseason moves, highlighted by the Elton Brand signing, we knew they took a huge leap forward. Just based on the new bodies, they probably moved themselves into the top of the Eastern Conference. Probably the best thing about the moves was that it meant Thad would be given time to develop into the star we've already seen glimpses of. In reality, Thad would be the fourth or fifth option on offense. He could go out there and concentrate on defense and crashing the boards. The question I never really asked was what if Thad takes that giant step anyway?

What happens if Thad settles in at the three, extends his range, and become a true offensive weapon on the wing? What if he can hit 35-40% from three? What if he's improved his handle to the point where his turnovers are way down (he has 4 in 88 minutes so far)?

During the season last year, commenter Tray asked a true or false question: In 2 years, Thad Young will be a better player than Iguodala in every facet of the game. At the time, I believe I agreed, but I thought the timeframe may have been off.

Look at it this way, if Thad has taken that step, the Sixers legitmately have 5 guys on their roster who can score 20 on any given night. Brand, Iguodala, Miller, Lou Williams and Thad. They can all do it in several different ways. They have 4 guys on the perimeter who can hurt you, they have a beast down on the blocks, they have two wings who can take their guy down on the blocks and probably the best PG in the game at posting up his man. A lightning quick, electric scorer off the bench in Williams.

If these preseason numbers are to be believed, this team may just have taken a larger step forward than anyone imagined when they signed Brand. We'll begin to find out in 16 days, I can't wait.
by Brian on Oct 13 2008
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