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If you want to break down this game, don't watch the fourth quarter. I could talk about the horrible job the refs did in that final stanza. I could talk about the killer instinct the Celtics had, or even the pure frustration on the Sixers' faces. I could talk about questionable substitutions, but it didn't matter. As soon as the Sixers relinquished the lead in the third, this game was pretty much done.

If you missed it, the Celts turned a barn-burner into a 116-89 blowout with an explosive 38-16 final stanza. The story of the game, though, was the Sixers inability to build upon their 12-point lead in the third, despite clearly out-playing the Celts.

This is what you get with a young team, the Sixers absolutely dominated on the glass, shot the ball well, and put two early fouls on Ray Allen, knocking the most-effective scorer out of Boston's lineup early in the first. Unfortunately, they also missed 14 free throws (19/33), turned the ball over 23 times and allowed Boston to shoot 63.6% from three (14/22).

The Sixers failed miserably to take advantage of Boston's lack of a point guard. They rarely pressured the ball, even when they had the personnel on the floor to do it effectively. Andre Iguodala was absolutely abused going to the hoop on at least five occasions, no fouls were called. Again, neither here nor there. This game should've been a win. They should've been up by 20 at least in the third quarter. They let Boston hang around and it got really ugly, really fast.

Player of The Game: Jason Smith, 10 points on 4/5 shooting.
Team Record: 15-25

Fun Stat: Reggie Evans had half of the Sixers three pointers in the game.
by Brian on Jan 18 2008
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