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The Fifth Eleven

It's time to bite off our fifth chunk of the season. The middle third of the season wasn't kind to the Sixers, but the schedule is set up for them to find their footing over the next 11 before the home stretch.

Here's a look at the fourth eleven:

34 HOU Away FEB 22, 8pm 87  93  20-14  link   Nikola Vucevic 
35 DET Away FEB 28, 7:30pm 97  68  21-14  link   Thaddeus Young 
36 OKC Home FEB 29, 7pm 88  92  21-15  link   Andre Iguodala 
37 GSW Home MAR 2, 8pm 105  83  22-15  link   Andre Iguodala 
38 CHI Home MAR 4, 7pm 91  96  22-16  link   Thaddeus Young 
39 MIL Away MAR 5, 8pm 93  97  22-17  link   Lou Williams 
40 BOS Home MAR 7, 7pm 103  71  23-17  link   Evan Turner 
41 UTA Home MAR 9, 7pm 104  91  24-17  link   Evan Turner 
42 NYK Away MAR 11, 12pm 106  94  25-17  link   Evan Turner 
43 IND Away MAR 14, 7pm 94  111  25-18  link   Evan Turner 
44 MIA Home MAR 16, 7pm 78  84  25-19  link   Evan Turner 

5-6. Definitely not what we were hoping for, though better than the previous eleven, I believe.

And now the next 11 (including the Bulls loss, unfortunately)

45 CHI Away MAR 17, 8pm 80  89  25-20  link   Jrue Holiday 
46 CHA Away MAR 19, 7pm Both teams rested WIN
47 NYK Home MAR 21, 7pm Sixers rested, Knick b2b WIN
48 BOS Home MAR 23, 8pm Sixers rested, Celts b2b WIN
49 SAS Away MAR 25, 7pm Sixers rested, SAS b2b LOSS
50 CLE Home MAR 27, 7pm Both teams rested WIN
51 WAS Away MAR 30, 7pm Sixers rested, WAS b2b WIN
52 ATL Home MAR 31, 7pm Both teams b2b. WIN
53 MIA Away APR 3, 7:30pm Both teams rested. LOSS
54 TOR Home APR 4, 7pm Both teams b2b. WIN
55 ORL Home APR 7, 8pm Both teams rested. LOSS

OK, so I've got them at 7-4, even after dropping the first to Chicago. The schedule is actually ripe for the Sixers to get healthy. It starts with a cupcake at Charlotte, then three straight games against better teams, but with rest advantages in each. I really wanted to call the Spurs game a win, but in San Antonio, they find a way to lose it. Follow that up with two games vs. bad teams and then the second night of a back-to-back against the Hawks, who they've handled pretty easily twice. Then Miami to break the three-game win streak. They split the last two against a bad team and Dwight Howard.

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by Brian on Mar 19 2012
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