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The Final Dozen

It pains me to do it, but we've swallowed the season in 10-game doses so far this season, so we may as well finish it up. After the jump we'll take a look at the remaining schedule and try to predict how the Sixers will finish this one out.

I put the Wizards logo atop this post for one simple reason. They hold the 4th-worst record in the league. They're only 2 games worse than the Sixers right now, and that's really the lowest Philly can go. In short, they're the team we're ultimately chasing.

Here's the remaining schedule, with my odds of a Sixers win next to each. Vote in the poll afterward:

  1. vs. Orlando - 5%
  2. @ Milwaukee - 30%
  3. vs. Atlanta - 25%
  4. vs. OKC - 25%
  5. @ Charlotte - 10%
  6. vs. Toronto - 50%
  7. vs. Detroit - 70%
  8. @ Miami - 20%
  9. vs. Milwaukee - 35%
  10. @ Memphis - 30%
  11. vs. Miami - 35%
  12. @ Orlando - 40% (simply because ORL may have nothing left to play for)

I believe the Sixers will be favored in one of their final 12 games, the home game vs. Detroit. That's it. If they follow the Vegas lines, they should finish the season 25-57. My prediction? I say they win three of these games and finish 27-55, probably good enough for the 6th worst record.

Today's poll is how many wins you think the Sixers will finish the season with:

Tonight's tip is at 7pm. Preview will be up around 5. Happy Monday!
by Brian on Mar 22 2010
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