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The Fourth Eleven

Admittedly, it's a game late, but it's time to take a look at our fourth chunk of the 2011-2012 season for your Philadelphia 76ers. After a 4-7 showing in the third eleven, the schedule doesn't get any easier for this stretch, which will take us past the trade deadline.

Absolutely no one predicted the mess you'll see below:

23 MIA Home FEB 3, 7pm 79  99  16-7  link   Thaddeus Young 
24 ATL Away FEB 4, 7pm 98  87  17-7  link   Evan Turner 
25 LAL Home FEB 6, 7pm 95  90  18-7  link   Lou Williams 
26 SAS Home FEB 8, 7pm 90  100  18-8  link   Elton Brand 
27 LAC Home FEB 10, 7pm 77  78  18-9  link   Thaddeus Young 
28 CLE Away FEB 11, 7:30pm 99  84  19-9  link   Jrue Holiday 
29 CHA Away FEB 13, 7pm 98  89  20-9  link   Nikola Vucevic 
30 ORL Away FEB 15, 7pm 87  103  20-10  link   Lou Williams 
31 DAL Home FEB 17, 8pm 75  82  20-11  link   Nikola Vucevic 
32 MIN Away FEB 19, 7pm 91  92  20-12  link   Andre Iguodala 
33 MEM Away FEB 21, 8pm 76  89  20-13  link   Jrue Holiday 

And here's the next eleven. I have no predictions, because I honestly have no idea what to expect from this team coming out of the All-Star break:

34 HOU Away FEB 22, 8pm LOSS
35 DET Away FEB 28, 7:30pm Both teams rested.
36 OKC Home FEB 29, 7pm PHI b2b, OKC rested.
37 GSW Home MAR 2, 8pm Both teams rested.
38 CHI Home MAR 4, 7pm Both teams rested.
39 MIL Away MAR 5, 8pm PHI b2b, MIL rested.
40 BOS Home MAR 7, 7pm PHI rested, BOS b2b.
41 UTA Home MAR 9, 7pm Both teams rested.
42 NYK Away MAR 11, 12pm Both teams rested.
43 IND Away MAR 14, 7pm PHI rested, IND b2b.
44 MIA Home MAR 16, 7pm Both teams rested.

Purely in terms of scheduling, I'd say the Sixers have a distinct advantage in two games (Indiana and Boston), a distinct disadvantage in two others (OKC and MIL), and I'd say the Sixers have an advantage in the Knicks game that starts at noon on a Sunday. They always seem to play well in those weekend day games. Only two back-to-backs in this stretch, which is pretty good for this season.

OK, cast your vote below, leave your thoughts in the comments, as usual:

by Brian on Feb 27 2012
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