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At least Andre Iguodala put up points. I mean, that was the key according to just about every media outlet, right? Didn't work out too well on the court, though.

Just about everything that could've gone wrong did go wrong tonight. I don't have many pearls of wisdom. I can't muster much enthusiasm right now. We really need to look no further than the performances of each team's starting backcourts:

  • Andre Miller + Willie Green = 8/28, 21 points, 3 assists
  • Chauncey Billups + Rip Hamilton = 17/31, 41 points, 13 assists
Honestly, no comparison is going to look good from this one.

I'll have more on the series and maybe this game tomorrow, right now I just don't know what to say.

Player of The Game: Sammy's mohawk
Series: 3-2 Detritus
by Brian on Apr 29 2008
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