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The Iguodala Bandwagon

Kate Fagan has a solid piece on Andre Iguodala and the Philly fans' love/hate relationship with him. We've seen this odd dynamic play out right here on this blog in the comments section for a couple of years now, you all know where I stand. A couple of interesting quotes from the article after the jump.

These playoffs are probably more important for Iguodala than any other Sixer. He was widely panned, fairly or not, for his performance last year. I think he went above and beyond during the regular season against Detroit to erase that memory from people's minds, but nothing short of a dominating playoff series or two is going to elevate him in the minds of most non-believers.

Here's Coach DiLeo on Iguodala:

"He's the guy that will be the voice of the team," Sixers coach Tony DiLeo said. "He's undervalued around the league. I think when we win, he will get more respect."

And Andre Miller:

"I have no idea," point guard Andre Miller said when asked why Iguodala doesn't receive more respect. "That just comes down to the respect the league has for certain teams, and we don't get that respect."

Miller called Iguodala a "playmaking player."

Personally, I think Iguodala is under-appreciated because people fall in love with points scored and defense isn't easily quantifiable. Should he be the number one option on offense? That depends on your definition. Should the first option on every possession be to get Iguodala a shot? No. Should the first option on every possession be to get the ball in Iguodala's hands? Yes. If you think the definition of a number one is the best player on your team, then Iguodala is obviously already that.

On an unrelated note, Arin from Arin It Out is running a kickass NFL draft contest. Basically, whoever predicts the first round the best wins a personalized NFL jersey. Check out the details here and give it your best shot.