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The Iguodala List

Over the summer, Doug Collins said he wanted Andre Iguodala to be the best wing defender in the league this season. He wanted him to focus himself on shutting down the opposing team's best wing scorer. He wanted him to be on the NBA's All Defense squad, first team. Let's take a look at his resume so far this season.

I'd love to have a full season of Statman's data to make my case here, but we don't. Instead, I'm going to keep it fairly simple. I've gone through the box scores of every game Iguodala played, pulled the stats for Iguodala's starting matchup, and compiled them into the table below. You could go more in-depth, but we're talking about a defensive award that's based on reputation, and probably more readily influenced by the standard stats. For example, "Iguodala held Kobe to 9 points! He's great!" We'll dig a little deeper than that, but not too much. There are obviously mitigating factors to be taken into account, but generally speaking, this is his resume.


The numbers are impressive. Basically, the best wing on opposing teams is scoring an inefficient 10 points/game with Iguodala on them. Their assist-to-turnover ratio is a pitiful 0.88. Of course, there are some bad players in the mix here. So what has Iguodala done against the best wings in the league? Check out this table:


LeBron twice, Granger twice, Manu, Pierce, Roy ... A bevy of all stars. And they're averaging an inefficient 14.2/game (in 36 minutes/game). Cumulatively, they average 20.5 overall. In 361 minutes, they have 27 assists and 33 turnovers against AI9. Think about that for a second, some of the best players in the league. Some of the best scorers in the league. They aren't even average when they have Iguodala on them. They do more harm than good.

That's a weapon, folks. And Iguodala's defensive work has a lot to do with the overall improvement in the team's defensive efficiency. We'll check back in on these charts periodically. Thoughts in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Dec 20 2010
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