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The Lowlights

Well, we went through my top moments from 2008-2009 yesterday, today is we'll tackle the toughest moments.

I couldn't find video of the injury itself, so instead, here's Thad's first game back. The true lowlight was being there to see Thad helped off the floor. A bunch of us met at the half and even though the Sixers were blowing out Atlanta on the floor, we were an extremely somber bunch.

The second lowlight is another game I was at. The video speaks for itself (If you look closely, you can see me. I'm the guy with the shaved head directly behind DILeo after the shot goes in):

And finally, the game that I truly believe still has the majority of Sixers fans doubting everything. The deplorable game 6 against Orlando:

Those were definitely the three lowest points for me. Just missing out was the embarrassing loss to Oklahoma City, at Oklahoma City.

Thoughts and condolences in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Aug 7 2009
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