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The Luxury Tax May Not Be (as big of) An Issue

Ken Berger is reporting league-wide revenues will probably be higher than expected, meaning the salary cap could be more than $54M for 2010-2011. The Sixers still won't have any cap room, but they may just have some wiggle room under the luxury tax threshold. Geeky math stuff and some fun quotes after the jump.

A $54M salary cap would set the luxury tax at roughly $65.4M. As of this second, the Sixers have a shade over $66M committed to 11 players for the upcoming season, plus their first-round draft pick (whose salary could be anywhere from $4.2M if they get the #1 pick, to $1.8M if they get the #10 pick).

If the cap does settle at $54M, the Sixers will probably have to shave maybe $2-3M off their books to get under the luxury tax, obviously every dollar over $54M helps. Jason Smith's expiring $2.1M contract seems like a good place to start cutting to me.

Here's a quote from Cooney's piece today:

"I talked to Elton and Samuel and said that no one was singled out and no one was thrown under the bus."

Funny, since throwing them under the bus was exactly what he did, but Jordan isn't done:

"If you asked me about Lou [Williams], I would have said Lou didn't contain the ball. If you had asked me about Jason Kapono, I would have said he turned the ball over six times."

OK, so Jordan is apparently saying, "Sorry Elton and Sammy, they just didn't ask me about the other guys. If they had, I would've thrown them under the bus as well. In fact, I'll do it tomorrow just to make you feel better."

Dalembert actually makes a lot of sense with his reaction:

"As players, you really kind of feel personal about it when coach kind of says, 'Hey, it's the effort' or it's this or that," Dalembert said. "I told him I wish he would have told me during the game or maybe called me during a timeout or something like that and tell me, 'Hey, you need to do this or that' and I would have put more emphasis in a different area. I'm not saying it was my best game, but, overall, I think I was pretty active."

If Jordan wasn't the lamest of lame ducks, I'd point out here that a coach punishing players without directly telling them why is just idiotic. In this case, though, I'll just file it away under "Reasons why Eddie Jordan is the worst coach in the NBA," and move on.
by Brian on Apr 8 2010
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