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The behind-the-scenes story on how Elton Brand came to sign a $79.8M deal with the Sixers (both the Clippers and Warriors made more lucrative offers, by the way) is starting to come out now. According to Brand and his agent, the Clippers made a "take it or leave it" offer on June 30th for about $70M. According to the Clippers, they upped the offer to $81M, but it was too late. Ed Stefanski was on the phone with Brand's people on July 1st, telling Brand they'd get the money to make him a representative offer. Stefanski was a man of his word.

Clipper fans, all three of them, are pissed. Do they have a right to be? Probably, but they should be directing their anger at their ownership and management. Not Elton Brand. Brand took less money to put himself in the best situation to win. I don't know how you can call a player a villain when he does something like that.

Has anyone seen a Brand Sixers' jersey in Philly yet?
by Brian on Jul 10 2008
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