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The Next Ten

We looked back earlier this morning, now let's take a look the upcoming schedule. Home cooking for the next three games, followed by the Ice Capades road trip and some stiff, stiff competition. Vote in the poll after you recover from the shock of the upcoming schedule.

Here we go:

  • vs. Cleveland, Tomorrow night - The Sixers should win this one.
  • vs. Boston, Thursday night - The Sixers show up against the Celts. If Rondo is out, let's say maybe here, but pin me down and I'm predicting a loss. This is a national game, the only one this season for the Sixers, plus this is the rare occasion when the other team is at a disadvantage thanks to the schedule, Boston plays the night before, at home vs. Denver.
  • vs. New Orleans, Sunday afternoon - I'll be there, and the Sixers are undefeated with me in attendance (plus, the Hornets are dropping like a rock). I'll go with a W.
  • @ New Jersey, next Tuesday- Heck, let's call this one a win too. (If I need to, I'll make my way to Newark)
  • vs. LA Clippers, next Wednesday - I would say "Blake Griffin goes off, and the Clippers still lose. As per usual." but the Sixers are on the second night of a back-to-back and the Clippers have the previous two days off. L.
  • vs. LAL, December 17th - Loss.
  • @ Orlando, December 18th - Loss, and a back-to-back on the road in Orlando. The Magic have the previous three days off. This schedule is so ridiculous.
  • @ Chicago, December 21st - Loss. I'd love to give the Sixers this one, but Chicago is strong and I just don't see it. Boozer should be close to full strength by then.
  • @ Boston, December 22nd - Loss. Another back-to-back, this time Boston has the previous two days off.
  • @ Denver, December 26th - Big layoff before heading out west. I'm still calling this one a loss.
I've got the Sixers winning 3 of the next ten, and that New Orleans game is probably a stretch. I think the first Boston game could potentially go their way, they should also probably beat the Clippers, but the odds are stacked against them. Of the road games, maybe Chicago or Boston have the potential for an upset, but it's doubtful.

What do you guys think? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments:

How many games will the Sixers win over the next ten?
by Brian on Dec 6 2010
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