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The Precipice of Immortality

Sam Hinkie's foolhardy decision to hold out for more instead of dumping Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes back in December might cost the Sixers the worst record in the league this season, but a loss tonight will secure a spot in the record books. If Houston shows up even a little bit, Philadelphia will tie the Cavs with their 26th consecutive loss. That's one for the resumé!

MCW vs. Beverly. Does that excite you? What I'd really like to see tonight is MCW guarding James Harden. Give him the tough assignment all night, see what he can do.

Here's my top five for the draft right now, what's yours?

  1. Wiggins
  2. Parker
  3. Embiid
  4. Exum
  5. Vonleh

Also, just checking in: Evan Turner has been even worse for Indy than he was in Philly (though Indy's great defense is inflating his DFR and WS48). Spence has upped his production a bit in Cleveland, in the starting lineup.

I probably won't be around tonight, maybe for the end. Infamy, here we come!
by Brian on Mar 27 2014
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