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The Rockettes Come To Town

No more excuses. On their mammoth road trip, the Sixers showed signs of life, they played well enough to win a couple of those games against tough teams. But they were on the road, and they were missing Elton Brand, and they got an unlucky bounce. The buts have to stop at this point.

Tonight, they're facing a wounded Houston Rockets team at the Wach. These coula-woulda-shoulda games need to start going in the W column, and it needs to start tonight.
The Rockets will probably be without Ron Artest, Tracy McGrady and Shane Battier for the game. This means Andre Iguodala and Andre Miller will have to be guarded by either Von Wafer, Rafer Alston and Brent Barry. No matter who guards whom, the two hottest Sixers will have gigantic mismatches.

Thad will be guarded by Luis Scola and Carl Landry, most likely. Both are a mismatch in favor of the Sixers.

The only true advantage the Rockets will have is Yao in the post. I'm repeating myself now, but this must be a win. At full strength, the Rockets are a good team. Right now, they're probably below half strength. They've dropped 5 of their last 7, including a loss in Toronto on Friday night in which they only scored 73 points.

Even with their depleted ranks, the Rockets hold one huge advantage over the Sixers. You guessed it, three-point shooting. As a team, they shoot 37.7% from distance. As usual, stay at home on the perimeter. If Yao is abusing Sammy on the blocks, then change your philosophy, but don't double right from the tip and let the Rockets get hot from deep early on.

The tip is at 7 p.m. I'll be here watching live, so stop by and leave your thoughts in the comments. 
by Brian on Jan 6 2009
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