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The Seventh Ten

Well this should be fun. The seventh installment of our ten-game predictions is upon us. After the jump we'll take a look at the advanced stats, the past ten games and try to predict what the Sixers will do in games 61-70.

I was actually pretty close in my predictions of games 51-60. I had them beating the Spurs, Warriors and Timberwolves. The only game I got wrong was Phoenix. 15 voters nailed the 3-7 record right on the dot, so good work. The Sixers actually played halfway decent defense in 5 of 10 games, but none since the win over Golden State. In fact, the past four games have been some of the worst defensive games we've seen all season.

Here's the next ten:

61. vs. Boston, Friday - Elton Brand may or may not return. Boston has laid a few eggs recently and they really don't look like a contender at all. Playing the Celts may be motivation enough for the Sixers to actually try. Even so, I have this one as a loss.

62. @ Toronto, Sunday - Toronto has lost 4 straight and looked horrible doing it. Problem is, they play the Sixers style, meaning no defense, only they're much better at it. Loss #2.

63. @ Indiana, 3/9 - Indy is coming back from a tough road trip, they're a horrible team. Unless they get suddenly hot from three, or superduperpooperstar Danny Granger is just too much, I think the Sixers win this one.

64. vs. Charlotte, 3/10 - Second night of a back-to-back against a team playing for a postseason berth, a team which also likes to defend. Recipe for disaster. Loss.

65. vs. Cleveland, 3/12 - Loss. Next.

66. @ Miami, 3/14 - Another team taking a nose dive, but the game is in Miami, the Heat have Wade and something left to play for. Loss.

67. vs. New York, 3/15 - Second night of a back-to-back for the Sixers, not the Knicks. But the Knicks are in the midst of a long road trip. I'm going to say loss, simply because I'm really looking forward to Sixers fans lamenting the fact that we could've gotten Tracy McGrady, and how awesome he is after he torches Lou for about 30 points.

68. vs. New Jersey, 3/17 - They can't lose to the Nets. It just cannot happen. Win.

69. @ New York, 3/19 - The Knicks first game back from their road trip, and I believe I'll be in attendance, one way or another. Probably a win.

70. vs. Chicago, 3/20 - This was supposed to be the second Depressed Fan field trip, until the Sixers informed me this was a "premium" game and the 30 tickets I was looking to buy were three times the cost of the first field trip. Sound business strategy, Sixers. Turn down a group buy when you can't give tickets away for free. Karmic loss.

Unfortunately, we're looking at four games that should absolutely be wins, and I only think they turn one of those into a loss. The other seven games vary from no chance in hell, to something would have to go drastically wrong for them to win. 3-7 sounds about right to me.

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by Brian on Mar 5 2010
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