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The Sixers Should Win This Game

deronwilliams122908.jpgKate Fagan made that bold statement in her post on tonight's game in Utah, and I'm going to agree.

The Jazz will be without Carlos Boozer and Paul Milsap. Mehmet Okur may also be out of the lineup. Utah will be extremely thin in the front court, and their best player, Deron Williams, has been hampered by injuries all season, and hasn't really played like Deron Williams when he's been on the floor.

In the month of December, Williams is shooting only 43% from the floor, and a dismal 23% from three. His assist numbers are still great (9.2 per game), but he's turning the ball over way too much (3.9 per game).

In my mind, to win the game the Sixers are going to need to concentrate on two things.

  1. Keeping Williams and Ronnie Brewer out of the lane. Force them to shoot threes, neither one is hitting at a 30% clip.
  2. Don't leave Kyle Korver (42%) and C.J. Miles (41%) open for threes.
With Boozer and Milsap out, Philly should own the boards. Speights should be able to have his way on the inside against any of the Utah bigs. Take advantage of mismatches, attack whoever Korver is guarding, and get out on the run.

A win tonight would be huge, it could mean the difference between a .500 trip and a 1-5 trip.

Tip is at 9:00pm, I'll be here so stop by if you're watching and join in the conversation.
by Brian on Dec 29 2008
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