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The Sixth Ten

We're running out of regular season, folks. The Sixers played their 60th game of the year the other night. 22 remain, but let's stick to our plan of digesting the season in 10-game increments. A look back at the past ten (7-3), forward to the next 10 (7-3, hopefully) and the Player of The Game leaderboard, to follow.

Let's start with a look back. The chart below shows advanced stats for the past 30 games:


And the Player of The Game Leaderboard update (you can also check the schedule page for a quick look at the season's results and individual game capsules).


I still think Brand is the team MVP, but Jrue has overtaken him on the POTG leaderboard.

And now a quick look at the next 10 games, with my predictions/thoughts.

  • vs. MIN, Friday - Has to be a win.
  • vs. GSW, Sunday - Tougher game, but still has to be a win.
  • @ IND, Tuesday - The Pacers are three games back and have fallen off after their post-JOB push. Tough game, but I'll call it a win.
  • vs. OKC, Wednesday - Back-to-back and OKC has the previous day off. Kevin Durant sprained his ankle last night, so maybe he misses the game to make up for the schedule disadvantage. Still, hard to count this as a win. L.
  • vs. BOS, 3/11 - I think they match up well with Boston, but still, an L
  • @ MIL, 3/12 - Back-to-back for the Sixers, not for Milwaukee. Sound familiar? I'll count it as a W, though. Bogut's hurt again and MIL is just terrible.
  • @ UTA, 3/14 - Utah is a shell of what they once were. W.
  • @ LAC, 3/16 - W.
  • @ SAC, 3/18 - W.
  • @ POR, 3/19 - L. Another back-to-back for the Sixers. The Blazers have the previous day off. Three times in the next ten games the Sixers face this disadvantage. Given equal rest, I like the Sixers chances against Portland, but not under these circumstances.

6 of 10 games against sub-.500 teams, plus one game against the flailing Jazz. Seven winnable games, on paper, but a long road trip and three back-to-backs thrown in there. I've got them emerging with a 37-33 record. What do you guys think? Vote in the poll below.

by Brian on Mar 3 2011
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