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We've come to expect the Sixers to slay every giant they face. Unfortunately, these teams are giants for a reason and tonight the Suns exerted themselves to put the upstart Sixers in their place to the tune of a 107-93 lashing.

Since the beginning of February, the only way the Sixers have lost is to get behind early. Really behind. Tonight was no different. The Sixers started off 0/13 from the floor, the Suns were up 11 before you could blink, and the rest of the game was pretty much a formality.

This is usually the spot where I'd trash Mo for starting Willie Green against a premier team, but it wasn't Willie's fault tonight, it was the two Andres who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn in the first. In fact, Iguodala didn't hit a jumper all game, and finished a paltry 3/12 from the floor for only 13 points. Disappointing.

It was a terrible night to lose for the Sixers, the Raptors won a gimme game at home against the Knicks, the Hawks beat the hapless Bulls and the Wizards are currently leading the Kings by 9 in Sacramento. Just like that, the Sixers are looking up at Toronto and Washington, again, and the Hawks have closed their deficit to 4.5 games.

They need to pull themselves together and take a tough one, on the road, against Cleveland on Sunday.

Player of The Game: Reggie Evans, 10 points, 13 boards
Team Record: 37-36

For the Record: By my count the Sixers were -5 with Willie on the floor, -9 without him. Also, Thad only saw 13 minutes tonight. Again, disappointing.

by Brian on Mar 28 2008
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