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The Third Eleven

It's hard to believe we're a third of the way through the season and in 20 days we'll be halfway there, but that's what the schedule is telling us. The Sixers have finished their first two elevens at 8-3 and currently sit tied with Miami and Atlanta for the #2 spot in the Eastern Conference. Let's take a quick look back over the second 11 and forward to the next dozen-minus-one.

37 voters nailed the prediction in the second 11, good call. The most popular vote was 7-4, which is what I predicted. Here's a look at the last 11.

12 WAS Away JAN 14, 7pm 103  90  9-3  link   Andre Iguodala 
13 MIL Home JAN 16, 2pm 94  82  10-3  link   Jrue Holiday 
14 DEN Home JAN 18, 7pm 104  108  10-4  link   Evan Turner 
15 ATL Home JAN 20, 7pm 90  76  11-4  link   Elton Brand 
16 MIA Away JAN 21, 7:30pm 92  113  11-5  link   Evan Turner 
17 WAS Home JAN 23, 7pm 103  83  12-5  link   Elton Brand 
18 NJN Home JAN 25, 7pm 90  97  12-6  link   Lou Williams 
19 CHA Home JAN 27, 7pm 89  72  13-6  link   Lou Williams 
20 DET Home JAN 28, 7pm 95  74  14-6  link   Andre Iguodala 
21 ORL Home JAN 30, 7pm 74  69  15-6  link   Elton Brand 
22 CHI Home FEB 1, 7pm 98  82  16-6  link   Andre Iguodala 

And now here's a look at the upcoming schedule, with my predictions:

23 MIA Home FEB 3, 7pm Both teams well rested, Miami coming off terrible loss. I just can't do it. Loss
24 ATL Away FEB 4, 7pm B2B for the Sixers, Hawks well-rested. Doesn't matter. Win
25 LAL Home FEB 6, 7pm Both teams rested. AI9 baits Kobe into 35 shots. Win
26 SAS Home FEB 8, 7pm Both teams rested. SAS is winning on hustle, they don't have as much as PHI. Win
27 LAC Home FEB 10, 7pm Both teams rested. Tough game, but a loss. CP3 wins it. Loss
28 CLE Away FEB 11, 7:30pm B2B for both teams. Edge Sixers. Win
29 CHA Away FEB 13, 7pm No way. Win
30 ORL Away FEB 15, 7pm Dwight is still there. Sixers use same template. Win
31 DAL Home FEB 17, 7pm Mavs offense is immune to Sixers D. Loss
32 MIN Away FEB 19, 7pm Both teams rested. Sixers can stop one scorer. Win
33 MEM Away FEB 21, 8pm Sixers rested, B2B for MEM. They're tired. Win

I won't be fooled again. I've got them going 8-3 over a pretty tough stretch of games.

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by Brian on Feb 2 2012
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