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In case you missed it, and I know a lot of people have, there were two sub-.500 teams in the playoffs this season. Those teams were pitted against the team with the best record in the entire league and the team with the second-best record in the entire league. As of tonight, two playoff series have ended, Orlando took down Toronto in 5 games and the Lakers swept the Nuggets. Four other series are on life support, with the Hornets, Cavs, Jazz and Spurs all holding commanding 3-1 leads.

Only two series are truly in doubt. Those two horrible, sub-.500 teams are all knotted up with the big bad Pistons and Celtics, two games apiece. Honestly, isn't this why we watch? I've heard enough about reseeding. It's time the underdogs got a little bit of credit. They played their asses off to get here, and they're doing a pretty good job of representing their cities, a much better job than the 50-win team from Denver did.

7 p.m. tonight the live blog will be happening right here. The first four games were about strategy and posturing, this one will come down to desire. The pivotal game 5. I can't wait.
by Brian on Apr 29 2008
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