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I usually don't do halftime posts, but I needed to get something other than the horrible Eagles news atop this blog ASAP.

Four things I absolutely loved about that first half:
  1. Mo's rotations - He sat down Iguodala and Brand with a couple of minutes left in the first, brought in Lou Williams (to play alongside Miller) and Speights. Then he brought Brand and Iggy back to start the second with 3 bench players. Much better balance, and that unit held the 10-point advantage.
  2. Sammy - Dalembert has been playing out of his mind. 6 points, 12 boards, 2 blocks and a couple of great hustle plays in the first half. He's out-played Biedrins so far.
  3. EB finding his touch - 7/14 from the floor for 17 to go along with 7 boards and 2 assists.
  4. Busting the zone- Golden State went to the zone late in the second quarter. Iguodala hit back-to-back threes and then Thad hit two more.
57-39 at the half, let's see the same effort over the final 24.
by Brian on Nov 23 2008
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