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They Need the Kid

If MCW's knee injury keeps him out again, the Sixers probably don't have a shot tonight against the Denver Nuggets. In this season filled with needed losses for the bigger picture, icing MCW is probably a good move, but I'd still love to see him abuse Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson. The matchup would've been unfair. Oh well.

As I write this, it's unknown whether Lawson or MCW will play. If Lawson sits, I assume Nate Robinson gets the start, which is hilarious. Wroten will get the nod for MCW, again, and hog the ball mercilessly.

The Nuggets are back to their fast-paced offense. They're very efficient on the offensive end, and pretty bad on the defensive end. Lawson is their primary weapon overall, with Foye, Robinson and Jordan Hamilton all above average from distance with plenty of attempts. Denver's also deadly on the offensive glass with Faried, Hickson and Mozgov averaging a combined 8.1 o-boards/game.

Denver runs an extremely small starting lineup, pretty much across the board. Wilson Chandler, at 6'8", is the only guy with legit size and he'll probably be all over Evan Turner. Whether it's MCW (doubtful) or Wroten at the point, and Hollis Thompson at the two, should both be able to use their size to get easy looks no matter who starts for Denver.

Tonight will probably be another opportunity for Evan Turner to demonstrate the ability to play lead dog for a team. He's had countless opportunities to carry the Sixers in the absence of superior players out due to injury, he's come up small every time (including last night's 16-point masterpiece (on 7/18 shooting). Brett Brown should look to get Turner involved in small-on-small p&r's to get Denver to switch up their coverage. If he gets Foye, Robinson or Lawson on him, he should be able to get easier looks close to the hoop. Chandler has the ability to smother Turner, getting him away from that matchup will help.

If the Sixers are going to win, they need to attack the hoop. Denver doesn't have a rim protector back there. They're also going to have to match Denver's energy level. Faried is a game-changer with his hustle, Thad needs to be that guy for the Sixers to even things out.

The tip is at 7pm. I'll be around. Join me if you're hoping MCW will take the floor.
by Brian on Dec 7 2013
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