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The Sixers are at home tonight, playing host to the Indiana Pacers. It's unclear whether Andre Miller and Joe Smith, the two newest Sixers, will be suiting up.

The Sixers are seeking to extend their losing streak to 12 games, the Pacers are looking to get above .500. I'll be watching every painful minute of the action and writing it up later.

Who else can't wait for Jan. 2, when the Sixers visit the Nuggets in Denver? I'm expecting Iverson to drop about 55 on the Sixers in a blowout.

Here's an angle I hadn't heard before on the Sixers situation. The Sixers will lose their own pick in the upcoming draft if they don't have a top-15 pick. The likelihood of this is virtually non-existent, but there you have it. Project Lottery just became even more important.

by Brian on Dec 20 2006
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