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Thorn Confidence Meter: Morning After

Ed Stefanski has been pushed aside. Rod Thorn is the new guy at the controls. How are you feeling this morning, mere hours before the new man is expected to be introduced and given the corner office at the W(t)F Center.

Notes from the press conference:

  • Thorn, Luukko and Stefanski at the podium. No sign of Ed Snider.
  • Luukko has said "Rod" about 300 times in the first 2 minutes.
  • Snider made the initial contact with Thorn, the week he left the Nets.
  • Thorn calls Stefanski "Eddie."
  • Thorn basically said he was drawn to the Sixers because they genuinely want to win.
  • "Philadelphia teams always had a passion. Philadelphia teams always played hard." - Thorn.
  • Stefanski spends some time tooting his own horn about the Collins hire.
  • Seems pretty clear this wasn't Stefanski's idea, though he says he endorsed it.
  • Thorn turned down a new contract from the Nets prior to resigning.
  • He wasn't happy in NJ when they dismantled the team "because of a corporate decision."
  • Thorn had several opportunities, chose Philly because he thought this was a place where could make a contribution and liked the history of the franchise.
  • Stefanski was just basically asked if he wasn't up to being both President and GM. Luukko is spinning a bit right now about how it's a two-man job.
  • Luukko said they weren't talking to anyone else, this was just a matter of Thorn being available.
  • Thorn has no immediate plans for changes, needs to get his feet wet and see the landscape.
  • And that's it. No one asked about how the responsibilities would be shared between Eddie and Rod.
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For extra credit, in the comments let me know if you think Thorn will look to put his stamp on this team quickly with some kind of trade.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my goal is to find a picture of that rug on top of Thorn's head from every possible angle. Something to look forward to.
by Brian on Aug 12 2010
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