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Thorpe On Turner

David Thorpe has released his first rookie ranking column for the recently-drafted rooks. Evan Turner slips a bit lower than I would've expected. Thorpe's reasoning after the jump.

I believe the column is insider only, here's the blurb on Turner (who he ranked third overall).

3. Evan Turner, Sixers
I'd put him second on this list if I knew Andre Iguodala was going to be traded. But even paired with Iggy, Turner should get lots of chances to play his game.

Drafted second overall, Turner will form an excellent duo on defense with point guard Jrue Holiday. Also, since Holiday is not a ball beater on offense, that will allow Turner to look for scoring opportunities frequently.

Personally, I probably would've had Turner ranked #1 heading into the season. He was the most polished product entering the draft, he's going to a team that has a couple pieces in place, with a new coach, searching for a new identity. Turner should be the early favorite for rookie of the year, in my opinion. Thorpe seems to be following the ESPN company line that Iguodala and Turner won't play well together.
by Brian on Jun 28 2010
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