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Thoughts On The NBA Draft Combine

I had a chance to catch the point guard portion of the NBA Draft Combine from Chicago on my lunch break this afternoon. A few thoughts after the jump.

ESPNU broadcast the 45-minute session for points. The participants included Stephen Curry, Eric Maynor, Jeff Teague, Jonny Flynn, Patty Mills, Jrue Holiday and Ty Lawson, among others.

  • Curry didn't look like comfortable in the dribbling drills. He didn't fumble the ball, but guys like Flynn and Lawson looked confident in the drills, Curry looked like he was just sort of getting through them. I'd say he was competent, but maybe mechanical.
  • Maynor looks like the real deal. He handled the ball well, he was making quick, decisive cuts (which a lot of the guys weren't), and he was making his jumpers (which most of the guys weren't). Of the players I saw, I think Lawson and Maynor were the most impressive.
  • Flynn didn't impress me in any of the drills, especially the most important drill they ran, the 3 on 2 fast break. I knew he wasn't a shooter coming in, but I thought he'd excel running the break.
  • Jrue Holiday is a big dude and moves very well. If he could only shoot...
  • Lawson looked very polished in all the drills and he did a good job of getting his feet set and delivering his jumpers in rhythm.
  • Curry impressed me a great deal in any drill that involved shooting, or decision making. He really impressed me with his quickness and his cuts in the shooting drills. He worked off screens very well, and his release was lightning quick. In the 3 on 2 fast break drills he seemed to play like a two, which is good and bad. He was patient and made the right plays, he hit a couple of jumpers then pump faked, drew his defender and dished to his wing under the hoop for an easy finish.
  • Maynor's jumper looks funky, he sort of kicks his legs out on his follow through, but it was effective in the drills.
  • Teague seemed a little out of control to me, and I didn't get a chance to see him shoot much (ESPNU seemed to focus on certain guys more than others, mostly Curry, Flynn and Holiday).
  • Sixers' assistant John Loyer was one of the guys running the drills for the points, which made me feel good for some reason.
  • The ESPN talking heads sure think Curry is going to the Knicks.
Overall, this was obviously a very limited view at the PG crop, but I came away wanting the Sixers to land Curry even more. I don't think there's any doubt he's the best shooter in the draft and he looked to me like he just sort of knows how to play the game. I would've liked to see him running the point on the 3 on 2 break drill a few more times, but honestly if the Sixers land him, he's probably going to be a wing spotting up for a three on the break with Iggy handling the ball in the middle.

Maynor impressed me a great deal, I feel like he and Lawson are probably the best suited to step in and start right away as a pure PG.

I'll watch the rest of the coverage later on and add some more thoughts in the comments.
by Brian on May 28 2009
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