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Three-Point Mirage

Jason Kapono and Rodney Carney were suppose to come in and help the Sixers at least compete from three-point range. Kapono is a marksman of the highest order, Carney is at least league average, which makes him a vast improvement over the guys on the roster. How have these guys helped through the first four games?

I don't want to talk about percentage or differential in the three point category, frankly because that conversation would be too depressing. Instead I just want to look at the raw number of made threes. It's 17, through 4 games (as a point of reference, Danillo Gallinari has made 19 threes, all by himself):

Kapono - 5
Iguodala - 3
Lou - 3
Carney - 2
Jrue - 1
J. Smith - 1
Ivey - 1
Thad - 1

Kapono is the only Sixers averaging more than a made three per game, and honestly, I don't think he's taking enough threes. It's partially his fault for passing up shots with a pump fake and a dribble in for a long two. If you paid attention during the Knicks game, Gallinari did an excellent job of using the pump fake to get his man out of position, then dribbling to the side, still behind the arc, and hitting three from there. I'd like to see more that of that from Kapono, but that's neither here nor there.

At this early point of the season, the Sixers are about .75 threes per game off the arbitrary goal of 5 made threes per game Tony DiLeo set last year. It was a modest goal by any team's standards, yet unattainable on many nights by that squad. This squad was supposed to be better from three, however.

So here's my question to you: Are you worried the three-point shot will continue to be a bugaboo for the Sixers offense?
by Brian on Nov 5 2009
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