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Thorpe On Jrue

David Thorpe released his Rookie Watch column yesterday. His assessments are based on the Summer Leagues, the playing time opportunities for the players and their talent, as he perceives it. After the jump we'll see what he had to say about Jrue Holiday.

Thorpe ranked the rooks 1 through 20, Jrue didn't crack that list. Then he listed 7 more players as "Best of the Rest." Jrue's name was nowhere to be found there either. Jrue fell at the bottom of the pack under the heading, "The project list."

Here's his blurb on Jrue:

Jrue Holiday, 76ers - Holiday had the double misfortune of not playing the point for an entire season at UCLA (though after watching Collison's talent it's easy to understand why), then getting to do it for the hybrid Nets-Sixers team that never jelled at all. The bad news is that every part of his offensive game seemed below par, but the good news is that his talent was obvious. He's a solid prospect to be sure, and the best news is that he defended the ball better than any guard we saw in either summer league.

Pretty much what we thought on offense, he's got a lot of learning to do. I do think his defense is probably further along than anyone thought it would be, though. That should help him earn the minutes he needs to develop properly, time will tell.

Here are Thorpe's rankings for the other PGs in the draft.

Jonny Flynn - #3
Brandon Jennings - #5
Stephen Curry - #7
Darren Collison - #13
Jeff Teague - #14
Ty Lawson - #15
Ricky Rubio - Also on the project list

Eric Maynor didn't make the list at all.
by Brian on Jul 23 2009
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