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Throw Us A Bone

Dwight Howard to Chicago. Chris Paul to New York. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to the Lakers. The rumors are everywhere, the writers are chomping at the bit for even the slightest morsel of insider info, and our beloved Sixers, well, they're wondering if a moose would make a good mascot.

Honestly, I don't even care if it's a fake leak. I don't care if there's no basis in reality, I'd just love to read something, anything about the Sixers doing something that isn't from the same script they've been following for the past decade. Something bold, something risky, something transformative, in a positive way. Just make it anything but another rumor of a boneheaded move.

I think any Sixers fan who has lived through the Stefanski era, the Eddie Jordan error, the lockout and come back salivating deserves something to wrap his or her mind around, don't you? A guess all I'm really looking for is a pulse, some sign of life from Rod Thorn and the new ownership group.

Word is the schedule will be released later today, so I'll break it down when it's available. In the mean time, I guess I'll spend my day reading rumors about how teams are going to simply hand their superstars over to the same four teams. Meet the new CBA, same as the old CBA.
by Brian on Dec 6 2011
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