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To Dunk, Or Not To Dunk

Two men share the same bench yet sit on opposite ends of the dunking spectrum. Hear their stories and see the proof after the jump.

On one end of the dunking spectrum we have Jason Kapono, who has reportedly never thrown one down in an NBA game. 7,844 minutes of game action, not one single breakaway to throw down. He's capable of dunking, he would dunk if given the opportunity, he's just never gotten the opportunity. That amazes me.

Almost as much as this play:

I said play, rather than dunk because from where Iguodala got the ball to Brand, to the handoff, to the drive, to the finish, the whole play was a thing of beauty.

Take a moment to watch that play a couple more times. It's a welcome distraction from the conversations of the past 16 hours or so. We'll get back to business later on.
by Brian on Nov 12 2009
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