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Tom Moore Asks the Question

And gets a ridiculous answer.

If you were wondering why Eddie Jordan went with a small lineup against the Knicks on Saturday, and I seriously hope you were, Tom Moore asked the man himself today. Here's his answer:

"You've got to be able to keep pace with certain teams in the league, whether it's Phoenix, Denver, New York or a few others," said the Sixers' coach. "They have a knack of scoring. If we match them basket for basket, we win."

Wait, what? So after scoring 96 points through three quarters, and building up a 15-point lead Jordan decided he had to go small to score against the Knicks? To match them, basket for basket? I mean, was he just shooting for a tie in the fourth quarter, instead of extending the lead with the big lineups that had absolutely dominated the Knicks all night long? Baffling.
by Brian on Nov 2 2009
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