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Too Much Gerald Wallace...

No Andre Iguodala. That pretty much told the story tonight. The depleted Sixers showed a lot of heart in coming back multiple times, but Portland was just too much for Philly on the last night of their 5-game road trip and the second night of a back-to-back.

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g704f031911.gif Thoughts

  • Well Turner, this was your big chance and you came up small. Foul trouble put a kink in a decent start and Turner wasn't a factor at all the rest of the way. Disappointing, to say the least.
  • I thought Jrue and Brand would have to carry the load if the Sixers had a chance. They had a chance, but those guys both had off games on the offensive end. I thought Jrue dealt with Batum's length well in that he was still distributing and he wasn't turning the ball over, but he only shot 3/11 from the floor. The 10 assists to only 1 turnover is a positive, though.
  • Lou is your player of the game. His scoring brought the team back multiple times, and it's enough for me to overlook the dumb mistakes on his part.
  • I can't tell you how old it's gotten to look at the schedule and see the Sixers starting a game with a distinct disadvantage before you even look at who's playing for the other team. I hope Thorn and Collins can make enough noise to get a more favorable schedule next season.
  • I hate to play the what if game, but I think it's a certainty that Wes Matthews doesn't score 28 on 15 shots with Iguodala covering him all night. I'd also venture a guess that Wallace wouldn't have been such a difference maker with Iguodala's size and athleticism out there. I don't know how serious Iguodala's injury is, and I'm sure sitting him was the prudent thing to do, but I really wanted him on the floor. I think this game goes down differently with him on the floor.
  • 2-3 on the road trip. Tied for 6th. Time to lick your wounds and head home for a very important game with the Hawks.
  • The Sixers who played tonight don't have any reason to hang their heads. Tough circumstances against a good team. They got down big early and they never gave up. It would've been easy to have one foot on the flight home at the half, but they didn't.

Player of The Game: Lou Williams
Team Record: 36-34
Up Next: vs. ATL, Wednesday