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Too Much JET, Not Enough O

Well, something had to give at the WFC tonight, and it wound up being the Sixers' modest four-game streak. Jason Terry was unconscious and got whatever he wanted unless Andre Iguodala was guarding him. Unfortunately, Iguodala only covered him for a couple of minutes.


g604f030111.gif Thoughts

  • This game wasn't lost in the final minutes, it was lost much earlier than that. The Sixers dug a hole in the first half and they spent the rest of the game climbing out of it, but they never, not once, got over the hump. They tied the game several times, but each time Dallas put together a mini-run almost immediately. They never took the lead. It may seem like semantics, but every time you claw back, only to fall short, it takes something out of you as a team. Had they made a key stop or two, a key hoop or two, in the third quarter when Dirk went to the bench, I think they win this game. They couldn't get it done, though, and in the end, there was just one hole too many to dig out of.
  • Speaking of the third quarter, Jrue was absolutely brilliant in leading this team back from a double-digit deficit. His jumper was falling, he was probing and pressuring the Dallas defense. Every time we catch a glimpse of that type of offensive ability from Jrue, I feel a little bit better about the future of this franchise.
  • Over his past three games, Jrue has 25 assists and only three turnovers.
  • Over his past three games, Lou has shot 9/31 from the floor, and been much more bad Lou than good Lou. They really needed his punch off the bench tonight and his matchup with Terry was a disgusting loss.
  • I have absolutely no idea why it took Collins three quarters to put Iguodala on Terry. When he did, Terry turned the ball over on consecutive possessions and didn't score a single point. Unfortunately, on those two turnovers, Evan Turner made bad plays on the other end and Collins yanked him from the game. Jodie Meeks came back in, and Iguodala was switched off Terry. I don't understand why. It doesn't make any sense at all. Crucial, crucial error on Collins' part, in my opinion.
  • Iguodala's 15 points on 14 shots belie his offensive production in this game. His jumper is just way off, and I think he might be relying on it a bit more than he normally would in this situation because his free throw shooting has been spotty as well. That's probably not the only reason, but a contributing factor. He had Peja on him for long stretches tonight, and didn't really look to attack until the second half. They needed a big game from him tonight, and he didn't deliver. The missed free throws at the end were tragic, but you can't really blame him any more than Thad (who missed 3 of 6 when the Sixers were trying to tie the game/take the lead early in the fourth), or Jrue who missed a pair on the next possession. The Sixers were 3/10 from the line in the fourth, Jrue was a completely uncharacteristic 1/5 from the line on the game (uncharacteristic in that he got there 5 times, and also in the 20% success rate).
  • Keep your wits about you, please. The Sixers lost a game to the hottest team in the league, and they easily could've won it with a couple of adjustments. This game shouldn't have you hanging your head. The important thing here is that the Sixers fell back to .500. They can't fall any further. On Friday, they take on the Timberwolves, at home. They must bounce back and get back on the positive side of the ledger immediately.
  • Tip your cap to Jason Kidd for another pathetic triple-double (13/10/13), I thought Jrue had a chance to grab one as well early on, but his rebounding and assists tapered off as he was benched and systematically ignored for most of the second and fourth quarters.

Player of The Game: Jodie Meeks, 5/8 FG, 4/7 3P, 2/2 FT, 4 boards, 3 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnovers, 16 points. He made some big, big shots in this game. His defense on Terry was terrible, but he wasn't alone and he shouldn't have been on him as much as he was.
Team Record: 30-30
Up Next: vs. Minny, Friday night.
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by Brian on Mar 2 2011
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