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Trade Dalembert - For Whom?

Thumbnail image for Sammy came up huge when it mattered most. (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images)
Most Sixers fans, and players for that matter, seem to feel the team needs to move on without the services of Samuel Dalembert. The Haitian Sensation is owed $25.1M over the next two seasons and his contract includes a trade kicker which would require any team who takes him to pay approx $3.75M upfront (thanks to Tom Moore for clearing this up). In order to move Dalembert at this point, the Sixers would have to trade for a player or players other teams have given up on. After the jump we'll take a look at they type of players who may be available in a swap of bad contracts.

We'll just go team by team, listing players with contracts as long as Sammy's at least, which the team may be regretting now. In the comments, let me know which of these guys you'd take for Sammy, and which team would/could be willing to swap their headcase overpaid under-performer for ours.

  • Atlanta - None
  • Boston - None
  • Charlotte - Gerald Wallace (4 years, $38M), Boris Diaw (3 years, $27M), Dsagana Diop (4 years, $26M)
  • Chicago - Luol Deng (5 years, $61M), Kirk Hinrich (3 years, $26M)
  • Cleveland - None
  • Dallas - None
  • Denver - None
  • Detroit - Rip Hamilton (4 years, $45M)
  • Golden State - Monta Ellis (5 years, $55M), Andris Biedrins (5 years, $45M), Jamal Crawford (2 years, $19M), Corey Maggette (4 years, $39M), Stephen Jackson (4 years, $35M)
  • Houston - None
  • Indiana - Mike Dunleavy (2 years, $20M), Jamaal Tinsley (2 years, $15M)
  • LA Clippers - Zach Randloph (2 years, $33M), Baron Davis (3 years, $39M), Chris Kaman (3 years, $34M)
  • LA Lakers - None
  • Memphis - None
  • Miami - None
  • Milwaukee - Richard Jefferson (2 years, $29M), Michael Redd (2 years, $35M), Andrew Bogut (5 years, $60M)
  • Minnesota - None
  • New Jersey - Vince Carter (3 years, $51M)
  • New Orleans - Peja Stojakovic (2 years, $27M), Tyson Chandler (2 years, $25M), Morris Peterson (2 years, $12M), James Posey (3 years, $20M)
  • New York - Eddy Curry (2 years, $21M), Jared Jeffries (2 years, $13M)
  • Oklahoma City - Nick Collison (2 years, $13M)
  • Orlando - Mickael Pietrus (3 years, $15M)
  • Phoenix - Amare Stoudemire (2 years, $30M), Jason Richardson (2 years, $27M), Leandro Barbosa (3 years, $21M)
  • Portland - Joel Przybilla (2 years, $14M), Martell Webster (4 years, $19M)
  • Sacramento - Andres Nocioni (4 years, $27M), Beno Udrih (4 years, $26M)
  • San Antonio - None
  • Toronto - Jason Kapono (2 years, $12M), Marcus Banks (2 years, $9M), Kris Humphries (2 years, $6M)
  • Utah - Andrei Kirilenko (2 years, $34M), CJ Miles (3 years, $11M)
  • Washington - Gilbert Arenas (5 years, $96M), Antawn Jamison (3 years, $40M)
Obviously, there are players on here who their teams do not want to move, and there are contracts on here that would handcuff the Sixers for the next 4 or 5 seasons. Here's the sad fact, though. In order to get rid of Dalembert, the Sixers will most likely need to take back at least one of these contracts. In fact, they're probably going to have to take back a far worse contract than the one Dalembert signed.

The only way around taking back more money (probably in terms of a longer contract) would be to somehow sweeten the deal. Meaning, you trade Thad and Dalembert for someone like Amare. Or you trade Dalembert and a pick for Jason Richardson.

Anyway, there's the list of contracts which team may be willing to move in a deal for Dalembert, depending. Have at it in the comments.

by Brian on May 2 2009
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