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Turn Out The Lights

The Celtics' systematic dismantling of the Sixers on Easter dropped Philly 3 games back for the division, tied with the Knicks for the #7 seed (on the wrong end of the tiebreaker) and one game ahead of Milwaukee for the coveted #9 seed and an early start to their summer. Quite a day. (game capsule)

Before we get to the rotation chart, I'd like to thank Statman for inviting me up to Boston to take this game in firsthand. I wish the result could've been different, but it was still great to see the Sixers play in a new arena, and great to put a face to a name here on the blog. Thanks, Statman.

Here's your rotation chart. Notice the two big red stretches. That pretty much tells the story:

There sure isn't much to say. The Sixers look dead. They look buried. They look beaten. They look like they can't wait for this season to be over. They look pretty much like most of their fans do right about now, only minus the anger. A couple of times, is seemed to boil over in this one. I'm not sure if you could see this on the TV broadcast, but at one point, Thad was yelling in the direction of the bench and Lou had to sort of guide him back onto the floor. I didn't see a Celtic player or a referee in that general direction, so my guess is it was directed at a coach or a player on the bench. In the ensuing timeout, Lou was visibly upset and spent the entire timeout huddling with McKie while the team huddled around Collins.

The ship is burning, folks. Statman encapsulated it perfectly. Whether they can pull it together enough to win squeak out a couple of wins and desperately cling to the #8 or #7 seed is immaterial, even if you're hoping to see some playoff basketball purely for entertainment. If they luck into a couple wins and back into the playoffs playing like this, they're going to get embarrassed. The only way the rest of this regular season matters is if they somehow start playing good basketball again, obtain some legitimate momentum, and carry that into a first-round matchup (probably with the Bulls).

Statman recounted the highlight of the night in Boston here, check it out. I found it kind of funny that Adam Aron and Rod Thorn didn't seem to say a word to each other during the entire game, and had an empty seat between them. Aron spent most of the game on Twitter, it seemed.

Player of The Game: Voose. He actually played really well. This is probably something we should root really hard for the rest of this season. Put it in management's mind that Voose can replace Hawes, even if that's not the case, anything that helps usher Hawes out of town is essential.
Team Record: 27-29
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They aren't this bad. They just can't be.
by Brian on Apr 9 2012
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