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I want to get the Boston loss out of my system as quickly as possible, so I'm putting up a quick thought for Wednesday's game against the Pistons.

Last night, the Celtics dictated terms to the Sixers with their personnel. Mo Cheeks went with Reggie Evans to match up with Boston's size down low, and it took the Sixers out of their up-tempo offense for long stretches of the game and completely stalled their half-court offense. I think Mo should do the exact same thing to Detroit.

Here's the starting lineup I'd send out there:
  1. Andre Miller
  2. Andre Iguodala
  3. Thad Young
  4. Reggie Evans
  5. Samuel Dalembert
This is assuming that Willie Green isn't able to play. I might consider it even if he is. This lineup creates an instantaneous mismatch, no matter how Detroit decides to match up. Rip Hamilton is not big enough, nor strong enough to handle Andre Iguodala. If they switch him onto Miller, Billups can't handle Iguodala either. On defense, the Sixers gain an advantage as well. Thad has the size and strength to keep Prince out of the lane and contest his jumpers. Evans will be in there to bang bodies with Rasheed Wallace and maybe get an emotional reaction out of him. Dalembert can outplay Theo Ratliff. I'd much rather see Iguodala on Hamilton than Willie Green.

If it's in the team's longterm plan to move Iguodala to the two and play Thad at the three, I say let's see it now. Inserting Lou Williams or Carney into the starting lineup to replace Green is going to cause more problems than it solves, on several levels. The Sixers have a rare combination of pieces where they can go big and still run. They need to do this against the Pistons.
by Brian on Mar 11 2008
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