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Two Dogs Fall

Two of the four first round series which saw the underdogs take game one are now even. Last night, Boston played "who ever has the ball last, wins," with Boston and evened their series 1-1 with Boston. Then San Antonio exerted itself and blew the doors off Dallas.

The third dog holding a 1-0 advantage will play tonight, Houston at Portland. Henry Abbott dug out some Portland-centric stats regarding series results based on who wins the first game on TrueHoop earlier. Long story short, if the home team comes back to win the second game, they go on to win the series 53% of the time. Oddly, he didn't include the percentage of series won by the road team if they go up 2-0, but I guess he doesn't want to face that possibility yet.

It's my hope that the Sixers are paying attention to these games. They're in the rare position of seeing everything in the other rounds play out before they play their games, so take heed. Home teams rarely cough up the first two, if you want it, you're going to have to take it.
by Brian on Apr 21 2009
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