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Two Games Up, The Second Ten Coming

I'm operating under the assumption that Andrew Bynum will suit up for the Sixers this season. I find the delay, the setbacks and the Big Lebowski reenactment all very annoying and/or troubling, but it is what it is. We're still waiting to see this team, in its entirety, on the floor. Right now, it looks like we're going to be waiting another month-and-a-half, at least. In the mean time, who they beat or how they beat them doesn't matter, just put some W's on the board.

To that end, if you look at things objectively, the Sixers are at least one game better than where they should be, probably two. Take a look at the schedule. Without Bynum, with the roster they're currently running out there, Denver, New York (x2), Boston, Milwaukee and probably Utah are all better teams than the Sixers, on paper. Heck, if you look at star power, or best player, or positional strength, you'd probably give Detroit (Monroe) and Cleveland (Irving) the edge, but let's not go that far. They should probably be 4-6 right now with two winnable games coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Prior to the season, I had Milwaukee as one of the teams below them, but they're off to a 6-2 start.

I'm not trying to paint a pretty picture here. Losing to the Pistons was terrible. The offense has been pitiful. Somehow, the defense has been splendid, however (2nd in the league in DFR, 1st in the league in PPG allowed by 9.3 points, which doesn't matter much, but is still impressive). Only the diehards are enjoying the basketball the Sixers are playing. Only the gluttons are watching all of it, but the wins matter, at least until we hear that Bynum isn't coming back.

With all of that in mind, here's a look at the second ten games, with my predictions:

  • Tomorrow: vs. Toronto - Win
  • Wednesday: @ Cleveland - Win
  • Saturday: vs. OKC - Loss
  • Sunday: vs. PHO - Win
  • 11/27: vs. DAL - Loss (No Dirk)
  • 11/30: @ CHA - Win
  • 12/1: @ CHI - Loss
  • 12/4: vs. MIN - Win (believe no Rubio, no Love)
  • 12/7: vs. BOS - Loss
  • 12/8: @ BOS - Win (back-to-back, young legs)

I've got another 6-4, though I originally had 7-3. The schedule remains kind. They should remain firmly above .500 past Pearl Harbor Day, with the Ice Capades trip looming, that will be a key.

Your thoughts and predictions in the comments.
by Brian on Nov 19 2012
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