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Two More Fake Games

Admittedly, it's going to be very difficult for anyone with a sporting pulse to pay any kind of attention to tonight's clash of the titans in Cincinnati. The Sixers (1-5) will tip it off against the Cavaliers (fresh off a loss to CSKA Moscow). Some of us may be tempted to watch baseball, fourteen of us will be taking part in the Depressed Fan fantasy basketball draft, but they'll still play the game. Thoughts after the jump.

If you're in the fantasy league, the draft will begin at 8:30 over on Yahoo. Get there early and remember to set your list if you can't make it.

As for the Sixers, well, Evan Turner is getting a pity start from Doug Collins after being unceremoniously yanked from the starting lineup in favor of Jason Kapono's jumper. Jrue Holiday will come off the bench for one game only, unless Turner pulls a Vick (or should we call it a Kolb, now?).

If Tony Battie is ambulatory, he'll probably get the start as well. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, though. Speights is expected to be back as well.

Here's a topic to pass the hours between now and whatever sporting events will get you through the night: Doug Collins' latest theory is that he needs to even out the first and second squads. The theory being, I guess, that their five best players (a) may not mesh and (b) probably aren't good enough to match up with their opponents' best five players. So the solution du jour is to create two equal squads, I believe so the first unit can fall behind and then the second unit can catch up. How does this logic strike you guys?

By the way, extra credit if you can tell me the relevance of the photo at the top of this post. You'll probably have to be my age or older to get it.

by Brian on Oct 19 2010
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