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For anyone who's been reading since way back in October, you know I like to do live blogs around these parts. Well, I never really thought a live blog would be feasible for basketball. The game moves too quickly for constant updating, and all the refreshing and keeping up with comments just doesn't lend itself to hoops as well as it does to baseball.

I think I may have found a solution. There's a software application that people have been telling me about for a while called Cover It Live. Basically, it's like a window that appears right here on the blog and updates automatically whenever someone leaves a comment.

We've had a good number of comments recently, so I thought I'd try a live blog out on Wednesday to see how it works. If it's cool, we'll do a couple more during the regular season and then definitely for the playoffs, if my blood pressure can stand it. Let me know if you're in, and set yourself up for a reminder e-mail below.

The Sixers are off today, but I've got a couple of posts planned throughout the day. I just can't get the Sixers off my mind after last night's win. Let me know about the live blog, I hope to see all the regulars here for it, especially Tray. It should be pretty cool, I found a bunch of YouTube videos we can watch during the commercials.

Bulls' fans are welcome, if they can behave themselves. I'm looking at you, Ricky.
by Brian on Mar 25 2008
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