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Utah Could Present A Challenge

The Jazz are a bad, bad team. They've lost their first two games by a combined 42 points. A thoroughly apathetic Devin Harris is their best player and C.J. Miles has taken it upon himself to act like a one-man show on the offensive end. They could present a challenge, however, because they have four able-bodied bigs.

Up front, the Jazz are all mixed up, but do have some talent, or at least the appearance of talent. Al Jefferson is a guy who gets some people excited, I'm not one of them, but he's more than capable of beating if he gets hot because he won't hesitate to keep shooting. He did it to the Sixers last season when they let the Jazz hang around and he got hot late. They've also got Paul Millsap, who can be productive. Those two are the old guard, however. The two guys who are going to put this franchise on the map, if in fact they are going to get back on the map, are Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter (Does Enes rhyme with tennis, or something else?). They're two young, big, physical players who have the potential to put a hurting on the Sixers thing front court.

The Jazz have looked so hapless in their first two games I find it hard to believe they'll be able to suddenly put it together tonight, but you never know. The good news here is that the Sixers can probably punish the Jazz by going to Thad, as long as they don't get killed on the boards in doing so. None of the four Utah bigs has even a remote chance of keeping Thad away from the rim. If Thad doesn't settle for jumpers and drives to the hoop, he should have a field day.

Iguodala needs to remain aggressive, especially when Gordon Hayward is "guarding" him. Lou needs to continue being Lou. Hawes needs to continue concentrating on rebounding and not shooting. Jrue...well, Jrue needs to pick up where he left off in the third quarter against the Suns. He got hot and he needs to realize why. He stopped taking long twos, he drove to the hoop and got to the line. It also wouldn't hurt if he'd start distributing again.

I'll have a piece up on SB Nation Philly later today, I'll post the link when it gets published. The game thread will be up around 5pm, tip is at 9pm. What's your prediction for the game tonight? Thoughts in the comments.
by Brian on Dec 30 2011
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