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According to Marc Stein, the Warriors might just sign Lou Williams to an offer sheet. Apparently they want to corner the market on Monta Ellis's, poor-man's version or otherwise.

I don't see how they could possibly defend anyone with Ellis, Lou and Maggette on the floor at the same time, then again, defense doesn't seem to be much of a concern to them these days. The Sixers can match, I'm just not sure if they have a threshold where they won't match. Is it more important to avoid foolish longterm contracts, like Willie Green's, or is it more important to keep this young core together?

That's the question Ed Stefanski may have to answer shortly.

Also, check out the comments on the Samuel Dalembert post from a couple of days ago for a juicy, unsubstantiated trade rumor.
by Brian on Jul 19 2008
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